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Known "ectopic pregnancy", a complication that occurs during pregnancy.

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Known "ectopic pregnancy", a complication that occurs during pregnancy.

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One of the concerns of all women who are in the middle of pregnancy is the presence of complications, especially ectopic pregnancy. Because in addition to being a symptom that cannot be recognized on its own, the symptoms arising from an ectopic pregnancy are not different from the symptoms that appear like a normal pregnancy. Today we would like to bring interesting content about ectopic pregnancy to share for all mothers to understand each other.

What is an ectopic pregnancy?
An ectopic pregnancy is where an egg is fertilized. But there is no moving down to be implanted in the uterus. Therefore, it remains in the area of ​​the fallopian tubes. which expectant mothers will begin to notice various symptoms At approximately 8 weeks of gestation, the symptoms are manifested as acute abdominal pain. Dizziness, low blood pressure, and genital bleeding In addition, an ectopic pregnancy has a huge impact on the psyche of the mother. because the mother had to remove the child Which mothers need to spend a lot of time recovering and mentally in this loss. However, ectopic symptoms are rare. But it is considered a very dangerous symptom. Because the egg will remain attached to the ovary or organ in the lower abdomen itself. If the embryo continues to grow It may cause organs to tear. and cause a lot of bleeding as well as causing pain to the mother that she could not explain at all

ectopic pregnancy
Usually, the main symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are lack of menstruation, abdominal pain, and vaginal bleeding. But there are also other symptoms. Many more, which pregnant mothers can observe as follows.

1. have pain in the pelvic area

2. There is a large amount of bleeding from the vagina.

3. Shoulder pain, neck pain, and anal pain

4. have a faint, faint

5. Shock

6. Absent menstruation

7. Chest pain

8. have nausea, vomiting, dizziness

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Those at risk of facing an ectopic pregnancy
For pregnant mothers who are at risk of ectopic pregnancy, they are divided as follows:

1. Previous history of ectopic pregnancy

2. Getting pregnant at an older age

3. Pelvic infection

4.Have undergone pelvic surgery

5. Take oral contraceptives containing progestogen.

6. Put an IUD

7. Use technology to help you get pregnant.

8. The ovaries and fallopian tubes are abnormal.

How to treat an ectopic pregnancy
For the treatment of ectopic pregnancy. can be treated without the need for surgery But it also depends on the severity of the symptoms and the gestational age of each expectant mother. There are also other treatments for ectopic pregnancy as follows:

1. Use medications to treat symptoms. appropriate according to the patient's symptoms

2. Use a surgical method which the doctor will perform laparoscopic surgery

3. Treat complications

An ectopic pregnancy is one of the health problems that cannot be 100% prevented, but all women preparing to conceive can reduce the risk of damage to the abdominal organs and reproductive system whether having safe sex smoking cessation avoid drinking alcohol or keep an eye on the symptoms that is an important signal Including a good pregnancy care plan.


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