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changing -f to -VF and -t to -vt

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changing -f to -VF and -t to -vt

Post by yashul »


How can we change forum url from -f to -vf and -t to -vt. I tried usu/customise.php and change
// $this->seo_delim['forum'] = '-mydelim'; // instead of the default "-f"

to this
// $this->seo_delim['forum'] = '-mydelim'; // instead of the default "-f"
$this->seo_delim['forum'] = '-vf';
$this->seo_delim['topic'] = '-vt';

But it is not working as expected.

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Re: changing -f to -VF and -t to -vt

Post by Meis@M »

did you change htaccess file too ?

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changing f to VF and t to vt

Post by FannieNab »

Yeah you probably want to go into the Savegame file and edit the cre in there.

Shadowkeeper is probably easier for this kind of editing if you're not used to editing savegames.

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