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In love can be suffering But not suffering with these 9 methods

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In love can be suffering But not suffering with these 9 methods

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“Love” should be something that makes yourself and your loved ones happy. Most of the people we have problems with may be because we love them. but he doesn't love us therefore to make him or myself suffer which psychology considers healthy love or being mentally ill should start from knowing how to love yourself first

Another issue that is often seen is Most of them understand that love must cling to. Can't live without another person It's like classic love like Romeo & Juliet. or Sarasin Bridge That without you, I would suffocate. It is considered unhealthy love. Because if the other party is unsustainable, or even if you don't think about abandoning it, you have to leave with time. then what to do

In addition, if you look in the sense that when we love each other would be bored and faded as well or even when the other party needs to go to work to do personal missions until they have to be separated for a while If the other person cannot be alone because expecting another person to give all happiness would have to suffer regularly As for people who are dependent on clinging, they will feel uncomfortable and bored. If both parties know how to create happiness on their own, such as doing hobbies, dating friends, it can help improve relationships.

9 ways to "love" without suffering
1. You should be happy on your own. The others are just added bonuses.

2. You should wish others to be happy as well. Not only thinking about our happiness, for example, when the person we love doesn't love us. but he has his happiness Even though we are sad, we still think that At least we can see our loved ones happy.

3. Lower expectations Even though we are mortals, our expectations cannot be cut. But if we expect less from the other party The more our chances of being fulfilled.

4. Accept differences both the physique and the thoughts of others not the same idea considered natural If one party does not try to make the other think the same and try to understand why they think differently problems will not arise

5. Know how to accept changes, so that love will last forever. because change is normal in the world repeat favorite song Foods that I eat often get bored. The love that was once so sweet that it might fade away but still maintain a good relationship and relationship or even quitting Some couples are still close friends.

6. You should not only do what you like. or what they think is good for others alone must look at his needs as well so that we don't have to be upset that we're doing our best willing to do it for him But he didn't appreciate it.

7. Respect is an important element. should take care of him to pay attention to us because people close to each other They often think that they can do almost anything they want. until he forgot to think about the feelings of the other person

8. Talk about the good things of each other. It's another way of giving love that should be done. Some people ignore that they have been together for a long time. Good things, he probably already knows, so he doesn't have to watch. So keep talking about bad things or want the other person to change. keep complaining without seeing The listeners were also dismayed.

9. Expression of love If love doesn't show at all, the other party probably doesn't know. Because he doesn't have clairvoyance, but how expressing his feelings, however, must be seen as what the other party wants. As for our needs, we should be honest, not expecting our partner to be a fortune teller.

And if love is good for mental health Everyone should think of love as a beautiful flower. It's a dessert for life. Don't get caught up in everything. Don't think that "love" is indispensable food or air.