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breast cancer and pregnancy when breast cancer Can I still have children?

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breast cancer and pregnancy when breast cancer Can I still have children?

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Currently, there are women of childbearing age with breast cancer. Increasingly, this raises an important question. Breast cancer and pregnancy that when it is breast cancer Will it affect your ability to conceive? However, there is no satisfactory answer to that question. breast cancer How can it affect a woman's fertility and pregnancy? It depends on many factors. Today Hello Doctor has this interesting article. to help clarify some issues that need to be known about being breast cancer and pregnancy for those who heal breast cancer until the symptoms got better and wanted to get pregnant should consult a doctor to help with advice for planning further fertility

breast cancer and pregnancy What factors can affect pregnancy?

type of treatment
breast cancer treatment There are many forms. how to treat these will be diagnosed by a doctor that should be treated in any form to suit the disease and symptoms of the patient breast cancer not a cure All types of breast cancer that affect fertility Patients treated with surgery and radiation can still have children. however If it is treated with chemotherapy drugs may be at risk to cause ovarian failure and a very high risk of entering menopause faster

Type and stage of cancer
The type and stage of cancer depends on how severe it is detected. as well as the type of cancer The type and severity will determine whether chemotherapy is necessary or not. thus affecting the risk of side effects on the ovaries as well. In addition, the type of tumor It also affects a woman's chances of getting pregnant. Only a small percentage of breast cancers are hormone-sensitive. This means that it cannot be treated with hormones. and must be treated with chemotherapy

patient's age
The patient's age is a measure of fertility. Women older than 30 are more likely to be infertile. and the use of chemotherapy drugs to stimulate menopause For women over 40

fertility treatment
fertility here means a woman's ability to conceive which although the risk of fertility depends breast cancer treatment especially the use of chemotherapy drugs but good fertility treatment before cancer treatment Helping patients to have children more easily. The most effective fertility treatment method is fertilization with artificial fertilization. However, there is a downside to this method: the sperm must be ready to fertilize the egg. And it's a very costly method.

exacerbation and danger to the unborn child
Relapse is when the cancer comes back. which the patient Many people who have recovered from cancer are interested in this matter. For those who have recovered and want to have children It is recommended that you wait at least 2 years before getting pregnant. This is because the most severe exacerbations usually occur within 2 years of treatment.

For those who have recovered from cancer They may be concerned that their child may be at risk of cancer. Experts find that the risk is very low. because of the patient Only 5 percent of breast cancers are inherited from their father or mother.

however It should be noted that the interactions between genes including other environmental factors that affect breast cancer or not. If the patient has to report the problem to the doctor because it is very important Usually an oncologist is trained to prepare the best cancer treatment plan. Therefore, patients must have their own plan clearly before consulting a doctor.