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Benefits of anaerobic exercise

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Benefits of anaerobic exercise

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Anaerobic exercise is a high-intensity exercise. until the cardiovascular system is unable to deliver oxygen to the muscles fast enough Anaerobic exercise It is an activity that requires endurance and muscle strength. Today I will invite everyone to know what anaerobic exercise is and what are the benefits of anaerobic exercise.

What is anaerobic exercise?
Anaerobic exercise is an anaerobic form of exercise, meaning that while exercising, the muscles don't need oxygen to generate energy. but will break down glucose (Glucose) in the body as energy without oxygen which is a form of high intensity exercise but can be issued in a short time Anaerobic exercise takes a lot of energy in a short period of time. There are different types of anaerobic exercise, for example:

- weight lifting
- jumping rope
- running
- High Intensity Exercise (HIIT)
- Exercise by cycling

Benefits of anaerobic exercise
Anaerobic exercise It is a form of exercise that increases endurance and strength of muscles. Which has many benefits for the body as follows:

increase bone strength and density
Anaerobic exercise It is a form of exercise that helps increase strength and bone density. It also helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis as well.

help reduce belly fat
high intensity exercise It helps in reducing belly fat as well.

boosts strength
The study found that Baseball players who performed anaerobic exercise three days a week found that they had 15 percent more batting and athletic performance over the course of the season.

improves metabolism
Anaerobic exercise It will help the body to have more lean muscles. The more lean body, the more muscle. It will have a very good metabolism as well. In addition, high-intensity exercise will give your body a good metabolism after the workout.

improve mood
Exercise helps to improve mood. can improve mood And it also helps to reduce stress as well.

Reduce the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.
Anaerobic exercise Helps the body to be strong It also helps to make bones more dense. These factors can help reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Prevent joint damage
Anaerobic exercise increase muscle mass and promote muscle strength The body has a lot of muscle strength. In the event of an accident, it will help prevent damage to the joints.