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5 danger signs Multiple severe unilateral headaches Risk of "cluster" headaches

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5 danger signs Multiple severe unilateral headaches Risk of "cluster" headaches

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Department of Medicine by the Institute of Neurology, warns of cluster headaches It is a sudden onset of severe headache, pain on one side or pain around the eye area. And it can happen many times in one day. affect daily life It is advisable to consult a doctor for treatment.

What is cluster headache?

Dr. Somsak Ankasil, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, revealed that headaches are one of the symptoms that everyone has experienced. But many people may not know that headaches come in many forms. one of them is cluster headache Or in English called cluster headaches are not as common as migraine headaches.

Some patients were diagnosed with migraines even though they weren't. If the diagnosis is correct and the right treatment is given, the headache will be better in some patients with severe pain. Make a huge impact on life. You should consult your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Causes of cluster headaches

Currently, there is information that the disease is caused by abnormal functioning of the hypothalamus.

danger signal cluster headache
Dr. Thanin Wetchapinan, Director of the Institute of Neurology say more cluster headache more common in men The average age is about 40 years, but much younger can be found. And lately, this can be found in women, not least as well.

The nature of pain can be observed as follows:

1. severe headache especially around the eye socket or one side of the temple
2. Headache together with symptoms of the autonomic nervous system such as

- red eyes
- Tears
- swollen eyelids
- Congestion on the same side of the nose that hurts

3. The duration of the headache is about 15 minutes to three hours.
4. Often have headaches at the same time of day, such as pain at ten o'clock in the morning, one in the morning, etc.
5. There may be pain like this from every other day up to 8 times a day and the pain continues like this almost every day. go for a week Until a few months and then disappear. And will return to the same time of the next year. This is the origin of the name Cluster.

diagnosis and treatment of cluster headaches

The doctor will take a history together with a physical examination and send an X-ray of the nervous system. to distinguish from diseases that may have similar symptoms Then the doctor will give the treatment which is divided into 2 parts:

1. Treatment during pain, such as fast-acting painkillers Administering oxygen through a mask over the nose

2. Prevention or reduction of pain duration, such as injections around the occipital nerve and other medications. specific to cluster headache

There are different types of headaches with different causes. Frequent purchase of over-the-counter pain relievers can provoke more headaches and can be dangerous. When there is a headache, you should see your doctor immediately so that the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment can make the patient better.

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