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wireless power bank It's more convenient to use than plugging in a charger.

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wireless power bank It's more convenient to use than plugging in a charger.

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Of course, a wireless power bank. Can be carried and used more convenient than charging, definitely plugging in the cable. time to travel far without a plug to charge the battery So we have to find a power bank. as a backup battery to charge in an emergency and need to use Wireless Power Banks and Wired Power Banks It is another device that is very important nowadays. And the more people who do not like to carry the cable to go around with. Will choose to use it as a wireless power bank. but has the same usage as a normal power bank Both the capacity and support Fast Charging that are sold in many brands. Each brand has different advantages as well. Whether it's design shape, size, capacity, charging style or to the colors of each type that are different It is considered to choose a good wireless power bank for many people according to their own lifestyle and preferences.

Charging the battery with a wireless power bank
Working wirelessly is very easy. Some people call it an inductive charging that uses electromagnetic fields to transfer energy between objects in both directions. Charging is a method of transmitting energy through an electromagnetic system. where the device must have a receiver and an electric current to each other by both the transmitter and the receiver must be the same system That is Qi wireless charging technology. Currently, there are many phones that support this Qi system. You can check details from each brand of phone manufacturer. To work, just put the phone that supports wireless charging or Qi Wireless Charging Technology, place it on the charger or wireless power bank. that supports the Qi system as well, can start charging immediately Let's take a look at the advantages of wireless charging and the disadvantages of wireless charging.

Pros of wireless charging
The obvious benefit of Wireless Charging is that users don't have to deal with the hassle of wires. Whether it is a problem with damaged wires when used for a long time including the wear and tear of the Lightning port that is used regularly When there is a wireless power bank You just put down your smartphone. onto the wireless power bank You may place it on your desk or bedside table. And in public areas such as restaurants, coffee shops, airports, wireless chargers are already available to serve customers. and believed that the number would increase The key point of wireless charging is that it makes everyone smile. No need to buy a charging cable to connect to the power bank. Thus saving the budget in this section possible. quite a lot Because there is no need to change the charger often enough.

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